Welcome To MTech Dairy Solutions

MTECH is an innovative Wisconsin based company founded by a dairy producer for dairy producers.  Phil Mlsna has owned and operated dairy facilities for over 20 years and has been in the dairy equipment industry for over 40 years.  Phil understood the importance of R&D.  With the help of trusted customers who demoed the system and gave feedback, he developed the MTECH HD Parlor Management System to fit the needs of any producer.

The MTech teat scrubber prep system provides an extremely efficient and reliable way to wash, disinfect, brush dry, and stimulate the dairy cow prior to milking.

  • Our systems are built and designed by a dairyman for serious dairyman.
  • Reduce clinicals with a warm pre-strip with our single solution concentrate blender.
  • Great tool for parlor labor and procedure management with recording.
  • Designed for durability and quality.
  • We will drive your costs down and efficiency up.
  • We are so confident with our teat scrubber systems that we can offer flexible purchase plans.
  • So give her an MTECH teat spa treatment…

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